Best Indoor Dog Potty System Reviews – [Consumers’ Guide]

Dogs are cute but petting one is a lot of hard work especially when it comes to toilet training. It is a challenging task faced by most of the dog owners to get their pets to poop in the arranged location. However, does this task have to be this difficult? One of the solutions that worked for many pet parents is getting their furry babies an indoor dog potty system. Without further delay, let’s check out the best indoor dog potty system below.

List Of Top 10 Best Indoor Dog Potty System in 2020

10. TeqHome indoor dog potty pad

TeqHome Puppy Potty

Check out this restroom for a dog from TeqHome. It is an artificial grass mat with a measurement of 25 x 20 x 2.4 inches which is suitable for any dog size that comes in three layers such as the grass mat, grid tray, and a detachable waste tray. The artificial grass layer feels just like the real one in the backyard which helps to make your pet feel comfortable to urinate indoors. With daily training, your dog will eventually understand the association of the smell, location, and the feeling of the grass surface so they know where to go when they need to pee.

For cleaning instruction, you only need to disassemble the bottom layer to discard the waste and then you can rinse each layer off using soapy water. Besides those criteria mentioned above, the construction is also non-toxic and very durable to withstand harsh weather.

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9. BringerPet indoor dog potty system

 BRINGERPET Indoor Puppy

If you are having difficulty with potty training for your dog, try out this pee mat from BringerPet. This mat was made from premium quality components that are durable and long-lasting to stand the test of time. There is a synthetic grass on the upper layer that will not shed even after washing it many times. It is gentle like real grass, so your pet will feel at ease and familiar when stepping on the layer and feel safe to relieve themselves. Just like other potty systems, this comes with a drain layer and the waste tray on the bottom with a size of 20 x 25 inches.

With this product, you can keep your house clean while having a pet as it offers easy and simple cleaning instructions that you can do in less than 5 minutes.

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8. PS Korea indoor dog litter box

[DogCharge] Indoor Dog Potty

Your dog will definitely love this potty tray from PS Korea. This product is ideal for small dogs or puppies as it has a dimension of 22.6 W x 17.77 L x 6.1 inches with the surrounding wall to prevent spilling accidents when handling. The wall also has the job to help your pet in aiming without creating a mess. It features two layers with a grating layer on the top and a waste tray on the bottom. The first layer allows the liquid to flow down to the other tray as soon as your dog pee so it will not touch the paws of your pet leaving them feeling fresh to stay on the spot.

On top of that, this potty has a cute pink color which looks really great for the puppies. If you do not have time to bring your pet outside frequently enough, this puppy pad is an incredible alternative relieving spot for your furry babies.

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7. PuppyPro indoor extra large dog litter box

 Puppy Potty Grass Toilet

Here is another great artificial grass mat from PuppyPro. It was designed to keep your pet’s paws dry when urinating on the grass surface as it can offer quick absorption to the second grid tray and eventually to the waste tray at the bottom which makes your pet feel like they are relieving themselves outdoors. In addition, there is no toxic material used in the making, so you do not have to worry that it will cause irritation to your dog. For cleaning instruction, you can easily detach the tray to wash off with soapy water and let it dry before using it again.

This indoor potty mat is not only reusable but also an eco-friendly option as it is made from biodegradable plastic which makes it an incredible option compared to the throw-away pee pads. In addition, it has a big dimension of 20 x 25 inches that is ideal for big or senior dogs with disabilities or difficulty going outside.

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6. Giantex indoor dog potty system

Giantex 30x20inch Dog

For a pee mat that is currently popular in the market, check out this one from Giantex. This mat has a measurement of up to 30 x 20 inches which is spacious for big dogs in helping them on potty training. Besides letting your dog relieve themselves easily, this mat also works amazingly in protecting your floor and personal hygiene. The first layer of this mat comes with synthetic grass that was known as an effective way of familiarizing your dog with the indoor environment. This mat acts a great helping hand for those dog owners who usually come home late to bring the dog out.

There is no complicated installation required, it is ready to use upon unpacking. For cleaning, you can easily remove each tray and clean them individually using soapy water. Keep in mind that this is not only an indoor pee mat, you can also use this for other locations such as patio, balcony, backyard or any place that you might bring your dog to.

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 LOOBANI Dog Grass

Here we have a realistic artificial grass pet mat from Loobani. For those who already have the potty trainer but lost the grass layer or has it damaged, this is a great replacement that comes in a set of 2 with the size of 16 x 20 inches each. It is a smart idea to purchase this replacement as you can use them interchangeably when the other one is being washed or dried. No more messy condition during potty time as this mat was designed to offer the quick-draining capacity to prevent your dog from having wet paws due to accumulated urine on the grass surface.

Most importantly, this pee mat requires lesser maintenance compared to other similar products which is highly recommended for those working pet parents. It can help to make your pet clean and healthy while keeping your floor free from the mess. At the same time, it is also very easy to wash off with soapy water after use. Since the grass surface was built with a special agent that helps to eliminate the smelly odor and prevent the toxins from growing within. Additionally, this mat is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use to leave your lawn fresh from your pet’s waste.

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4. Synturfmats 

 Synturfmats Pet Potty

Let us introduce you to another helpful pet litter box from Synturf Mats. With this item, your dog will learn where to relieve themselves in no time as it was designed with components that make your pet feel familiar and comfortable.

If we look into the detail, the first layer is made from artificial grass accompanied by the grid layer beneath so the liquid waste can flow into, and finally, it goes to the bottom layer that you can remove to dispose of the waste after your pet is done with their business. The brand is very thoughtful about your pet’s health and well-being, so each product was properly tested before releasing it into the market.

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3. STARROAD-TIM small dog litter box


Having difficulty with potty training? This grass pee mat from Starroad-Time comes just in time to solve your problem.

It is a high-quality lead-free product made to withstand harsh weather and repeated wash. It has a dimension of 39 inches which is perfect for the puppies and small dogs.

Equipped this grass rug at home for the health of your beloved pet as well as your own. It can help to make your dog feel comfortable to relieve themselves indoors in case you come home late. If you ever doubt its quality and performance, you can have peace of mind as the brand will back you up with a full refund providing that you are not satisfied with the product.

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2. PetSafe large dog litter box

 PetSafe Pet Loo Portable

Let’s take a look at another potty trainer from PetSafe which is a leading brand that has been delivering pet products since 1991. This one has a large size to accommodate your big dogs like golden retrievers or husky. It has an artificial grass layer on the upper level which is the popular material to help your dog in familiarizing their relieving spot.

The mat was crafted from polyethylene plastic and it was specially designed in a way to trap the bad odor by coating sponge powder on the surface and have the waste bin covered so the smell cannot come out. You can have peace of mind after purchasing this mat as you will be backed by great customer service by the company.

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1. PETMAKER dog litter box grass

 Artificial Grass Bathroom

This grass rug from Petmaker is the best potty trainer that you can find on the market. Besides functioning as a relieving spot for your pet, it has a fresh look that adds a little touch of greenery to your room or apartment. There are

3 layers that come in this package just like other regular potty trainers, however, each one is antimicrobial-resistant which is super friendly and hygienic to your pet.

Most importantly, it is very effortless to clean up after use. you can rinse it off with soapy water and let it dry, your mat will become fresh as new to be reuse again. We have received a lot of good feedback from the pet owners on how this product helps their furry babies in familiarizing the relieving spot indoors.

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Buying Guide:

Owning a dog is not an easy task, it requires commitment and some basic knowledge on how to keep them healthy. Hence, it is very beneficial for the pet owners to go through our recommended potty systems or litter boxes for dog. You may need consider the two factor below before purchase.

Size: before purchasing you should check what kind of dog you are planning to accommodate.

Material: material plays an important role; you should choose the lead-free product that gives no subsequent health issue to your dog. At the same time, check if it can lock the odor inside and whether the drainage absorption works well before purchasing.

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